I am Eszter Szabó an artist currently based in Budapest, Hungary.
My works are drawings, paintings and short, non-narrative, conceptual video loops. The videos are elaborated versions of my paintings, animated in 2D or in 3D or often with mixed techniques. Recently I started working on video-sculptures.
I create portraits of fictional but very familiar characters. Making observations in public spaces is part of my working process. During this routine I am practicing a new way of perception.
When looking at people, instead of perceiving the extraordinary I direct my focus on the ordinary. This exercise allows me to notice details and to reveal invisible elements.
My protagonists are mostly eastern / central European women. Weariness, vulnerability, anger, age, motherhood are the contexts in which these invented characters are trying to exists.
Probably because I am a weary, vulnerable, angry aging mother, a woman living in an eastern / central European country.
About my education and exhibitions see: CV