Abandoning The Testicals / 2017

         Abandoning the Testicals / Hd video / 1 min / 2017  


Abandoning the Testicals (2017) is a series of paintings and videos that deal with the anger of everyday people and their possibilities for disobedience. It's focuses on women and on unlearning the given image of the beautiful, tame victim.

It depicts moments when the weary and inert bodies of the ‘meek’ start to invigorate and ‘jump out of the boiling water’. They become angry and nervous. The silent routine gets disrupted as they start using muscles that they haven’t moved before and take action on their own behalf. The project aims to challenge the canonized mainstream visuality of the abused victim, who is still glamorized, sexy, passive sufferer waiting to be rescued. The protagonists presented here are embellished to be ‘properly dressed’ well domesticated citizens but in fact they are haggard, bedraggled warriors who are trying to fight for their own interests.

As in her earlier works this series focuses on people who are unseen because of their ordinariness. She creates fiction, persons mixed from different elements of human figure based on her observations whilst commuting on the streets.