About my works

My works are paintings and animations sometimes mixed with new media.

My subjects are mostly Central / Eastern European women. Weariness, vulnerability, anger, age, motherhood are the contexts in which these invented characters are trying to exist. I guess this is because I am a weary, vulnerable, angry aging mother, a woman living in a Central / Eastern European country in Budapest, Hungary, a place where the political situation is quite worrisome. replica rolex explorer watches

I observe those, who wear hearty shirts, sequin lips patterns; frilled, ruffled blouses, who have their corners of lips bent down, whose puffy eyes are wearing makeup. I am interested in the floral patterns warping and disappearing in and out of body folds. I am into tired or irritated gestures and postures that I can identify with.

I created a certain perceptual practice in which, instead of perceiving the extraordinary I direct my focus on the ordinary. By recognizing notions of familiarity, some invisible perspectives are getting revealed.  I am interested in the traces of social and political processes that manifest in small attributes. All my works are a combination of both generalization and non-judgmental observation as well as mixing blurred half-truths with razor-sharp details. 

My aquarelles and oils are made with quick gestures over light surfaces with thin layers. My videos deal with details that happen in seconds. I consider my videos as the extended versions of my paintings and I install them accordingly. I use traditional techniques as well as new media. Recently I started working on video-sculptures.